"It’s ridiculous, absurd, infuriating and, at points, very, very sad. Which makes it an almost perfect portrayal of an attempt to navigate loss in the aftermath of an utterly unfathomable event. A jumbled-up clown dance through a blank space: that’s grief all right."

The Stage

The Kids Are Alright is a surreal and confronting new work about the extraordinary grief of losing a child
Smashing together two worlds into one radical show, two adults attempt to come to terms with their loss amongst a stage of children on the best adventure of their lives.

In their unique and experimental style, Encounter lay joy and despair, loss and hope, life and death side by side.

Image Credit: Chris Nash

Commissioned by The Place, supported by The Albany, Quarter house Folkstone, Arts Council England, Wellcome Trust and the Peggy Ramsey Foundation.

Co-created by Jen Malarkey & Lee Mattinson Performed by Carl Harrison & Anna Martine Freeman
R&D performed by Karl Fagerland Brekke & Jack Condon
Associate Director, Simone Coxall
Associate Movement, R&D, Anna Morrisey
Produced by Fuel