(working title)

We want to bring together teenagers and older people in an intergenerational project about hair, makeup, identity, gender and age.

Trans-inclusive at every stage, the project will bring a diverse group of teenagers together to run a pop-up hair and makeup salon exclusively for older people.

The project will create opportunities for teenagers and older people to explore identity, self expression and the politics of hair and makeup across different sections of society.

The process and outcome will be documented in film and photography.

The project will celebrate self identity and creativity in hair and makeup for all teenagers as well as be inclusive of queer young and old people and the role makeup has in queer resistance through the ages.

It will support greater understanding and develop new relationships across generations and contribute to building a more connected community.

It will offer skills development and paid work to teenagers.

It will offer free hair and makeup for older people.

It will take over an unoccupied salon or shop for a period of time.  

It will create a community hub for intergenerational conversation, connection and community.

The project has developed from research into intergenerational practice with Z Arts Manchester and Lancaster Arts, the short films of which you can see here.