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“Crushing sentimentality through a meat-grinder and spewing it over crusty, vicious suburbia, I Heart Catherine Pistachio hits out of nowhere and hits hard. It’s a comic atrocity determined to throw its audience wildly off kilter, and it succeeds with harrowing aplomb.”
Stewart Pringle, Exeunt Magazine

A breathless assault of weirdness, ‘I Heart Catherine Pistachio’ is a theatrical unicorn: unimaginable until you’ve seen it, unforgettable once you have. ︎︎︎︎
Three Weeks

“This company make it their mission to open the doors of exposure on normal people”
Rebecca Jones, Younger Theatre

“Cult show”
Lyn Gardiner, The Guardian

Catherine Pistachio spent twenty-six years dancing at a nineties-themed nightmare disco, where dogs run away with the circus, ponies become party piñatas and acid-attacks are as throwaway as prawn cocktail crisp packets.
But despite the isolation inflicted by her swinging parents and a Jesus-themed assault to episode ten of Thundercats, she is determined to find the strength to swim out of her suburban sinkhole of abuse.

I Heart Catherine Pistachio has presented at Soho Theatre, Paine's Plough, Roundabout at Summerhall, Edinburgh, The Lowry and The Yard, Hackney.

Co-created by Jen Malarkey & Lee Mattinson
Performers Carl Harrison & Nick Blakeley

Associate Director, Simone Coxall
Images by Chris Nash

The running time for I Heart Catherine Pistachio is 55 mins with no interval
For adults and young people ages 14+
Supported by LIVE Theatre, Newcastle Funded by Arts Council England


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