Catherine Pistachio spent twenty-six years dancing at a nineties-themed nightmare disco, where dogs run away with the circus, ponies become party piñatas and acid-attacks are as throwaway as prawn cocktail crisp packets.
But despite the isolation inflicted by her swinging parents and a Jesus-themed assault to episode ten of Thundercats, she is determined to find the strength to swim out of her suburban sinkhole of abuse.

I Heart Catherine Pistachio has presented at Soho Theatre, Paine's Plough, Roundabout at Summerhall, Edinburgh, The Lowry and The Yard, Hackney.

Co-created by director Jen Malarkey and writer Lee Mattinson.

Image: Chris Nash

“Crushing sentimentality through a meat-grinder and spewing it over crusty, vicious suburbia, I Heart Catherine Pistachio hits out of nowhere and hits hard. It’s a comic atrocity determined to throw its audience wildly off kilter, and it succeeds with harrowing aplomb.” Exeunt Magazine

“Cult show” The Guardian

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