Conceived and curated by Jen Malarkey
ARC, Stockton Arts Centre
March 2014

Fieldwork is a Scratch Night of new work in the Arts and Sciences.

We mentored two artists/companies and invited three more to take part in an experimental and multi disciplinary night of new work. The project has grown out of Encounters interest in working in fields other than the arts. It is an enquiry into how practice in the arts can grow and evolve through unorthodox collaborations and also supports a number of artists and scientists in their journeys as makers, doers and thinkers.

Allison Davis, Andy Berriman, Robyn Hambrook, Fulcrum Arts Research, Marina Tsartsara, Penny Newell, Aiden Moesby.
Artist Mentor Jen Malarkey
Associate Curator Simon Gerrard